What is Time Dilation?

In the year 1686, Sir Isaac Newton gave his world famous 3 Laws of Motion to the world, Which was accepted without any differences for the next 200 years. But there was a big problem with these laws. In fact, these laws worked perfectly with the speed which experienced in ordinary life. But the drawback … Read more

What is Kuiper Belt?

As you all know that there is one sun and eight planets in our solar system. But have you ever wondered what space is like after the eighth planet and what kind of universe is there? Today we will talk about what is next to the eighth planet in our solar system? Our solar system … Read more

Laika | The Space Dog

We all know that Yuri Gagarin was the first person to go into space. But do you know that who was the first living creature to go into space? For the first time in the history of mankind, a living creature made its way into space. No one had seen life outside the Earth’s atmosphere, … Read more

What is a satellites ? | Explain

You must have heard about satellites, but do you know how satellites work? There are many questions related to a satellite that comes to our mind like how they work and how satellite stay in the air? We do many things in our daily life that depend on satellites, such as watching TV or using … Read more

Rakesh Sharma | Biography

3 April 1984, this was the day when an Indian went on a space walk for the first time. It was the day when a new chapter was added to the history of Indian space exploration. On this day Rakesh Sharma became the first person from India who went to space. This was a very … Read more

Some great scientist of all time

Hii ! This is Ankita Chaudhary. Today we will talk about those scientists who have changed the way they look at this world through their research. 1. NIKOLA TESLA There are very few people who know about Nikola Tesla. But he was a very great and intelligent scientist. He was born on 10 july 1856 … Read more

How did the moon form

Whenever we look at the sky at night, we think about many questions. But when we look at the moon, we feel very good. The moon has been given a very important place in our lives. Today, we know a lot about the moon, all because of our scientists. It looks very beautiful but its … Read more