4 Fundamental forces of nature

There are many forces which are acting on you right now. But first we will discuss about force.

What is force?

In simple words, force is a push or pull that brings an object into the state of motion. Force can also change the physical structure of a matter or any object.
Isaac newton discovered force and we must have heard this formula too many times F=ma
Where F – force
m – mass
a – acceleration

Now, there are 4 fundamental forces of nature
1. Gravitational force
2. Electromagnetism
3. Weak nuclear force
4. Strong nuclear force

Gravity :

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Electromagnetism :

Imagine that you are catching a ball, so you have ever wondered that why the atom and molecules of the ball do not cross the atom and molecules of your hand?
As we know that there is a lot of free space in an atom and molecule. An atom also has a lot of space between its subatomic particles and the same thing happens inside the ball and also inside humans but still why those atom and molecules of the ball do not pass the atom and molecules of our hands?
So now the reason behind this is electromagnetism force, Because this force binds all the atoms.
So today because of electromagnetism force, the interaction between any two objects is possible. Also, this is one of the most important forces all the time.

Strong nuclear force :

If an atom has the size of the earth then its nucleus will be just as much as football and its electrons will be revolving in the atmosphere of Earth. But how will positively charged particles stay together in the nucleus and not repel each other?
This means there must be a strong force that attaches these charged particles.
All nucleons, both protons, and neutrons attract one another by the strong force.
This is the strongest force in the whole universe but it has a very short range.

Weak nuclear force :

This one is also a very important force. So this force is also seen at the atomic level itself and its range is less than the strong nuclear force. This force remains active only in the range of 0.1% size of a proton. But what does this force do?
It plays a very important role in radioactivity.
Radioactivity means when the atom of an atom becomes very heavy, then the matter or particles inside it start to be thrown out, due to which the state of that atom and surrounding particle can also change. So due to the weak force, nuclear fusion reactions can also occur in the sun and it also help us in carbon dating.

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