An ice giant | URANUS |

How much do you know this planet? Can we survive on this planet? Why is this planet so cold? There are so many questions about which we will learn today(An ice giant | URANUS |).
So let’s start

•Who discovered this planet ‘ Uranus ‘?
In 1781, William Herschel was the first person who discovered Uranus.
Uranus was the first planet which was discovered by telescope.

•Which is the coldest planet in our solar system?
Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun orbiting at the distance(from the sun) 2.88 billion km and yes, Uranus is the coldest planet in our solar system(An ice giant | URANUS |).

•How long is a year on Uranus and Earth?
Day on earth – 23 hours 56 minutes 4 sec
Year on earth – 365 earth days
But as we know Uranus is far away from the sun so it takes 84.3 earth years to complete one round around the sun at a speed of 15,290 miles per hour.
Day on Uranus – 17 hours 14 minutes

•What is the mass of Uranus? Is it heavier than earth?
Mass of earth – 5.972 × 10^24 kg
Mass of Uranus – 8.68 x 10^25 kg
Uranus is 14.5 times more than the mass of earth.

•How many earth can fit inside the Uranus?
At least 63 piles of earth can fit inside the Uranus.
Size of the earth – 6,371 km
Size of uranus – 25,362 km

•How many seasons Uranus have?
Uranus have only 2 seasons –
Summer (for 42 years)
Winters ( for 42 years)

•Why uranus have a thick atmosphere ?
The atmosphere of uranus is made of hydrogen , helium and methane . The methane gives Uranus its blue colour .

•Uranus is reffered to as the “ice giant”.

•Uranus is the second least dense planet in our solar system, after Saturn.

•The Voyager 2 was the only spacecraft to have flown by Uranus.

• Can we survive there?
In a simple word, NO. Uranus is an ice giant. It has no solid surface and that pressures and temperatures will destroy a metal spacecraft.

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