As we know there is a lot of waste on our earth because of which we have to face a lot of problems. Due to so much pollution on our earth, all animals are dying slowly and gradually their species is also coming to an end. But you might be wondering why are we talking about this today? Today we will talk about the debris in space which creates lots of pollution there.

How these space debris will create a problem in future?

Today, with the help of satellites, we have come to know about many things in space and are still learning. Because of satellites, we were able to know so much about the planets, stars, galaxies, and other space objects. But because of these satellites, we are also at risk. Whom everyone pays attention to, but no one does anything. The speed at which the number of space debris is increasing in space, if we do not pay attention to these, then it can also harm us in many ways. We will not be able to launch any satellite in the future nor will we be able to know about space. We all must have seen the picture of our earth, which is shown very clean in the picture, but in reality, it is not like that at all.

We use a launch vehicle to launch any satellite and the work of the rocket in it is that the satellite reached the outer space. On reaching outer space, they are separated from the satellite and become space junk.

Satellites also have an age after which they are not able to work. When the machine stops working, it is also not under the control of the scientist and these too become space junk and they also keep orbiting the earth.

Now let’s talk about cube or box satellite which are easy to leave in orbit and they are used to send goods to the International Space Station. After that, scientists do not even control it and they also become space junk.

Space junk has no fixed direction. They can bump into anyone from anywhere in space, due to which they keep colliding among themselves. A collision between 2 space jusnk causes too much space junk or waste and scientist has no control over these pieces.

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