How did the moon form

Whenever we look at the sky at night, we think about many questions. But when we look at the moon, we feel very good. The moon has been given a very important place in our lives. Today, we know a lot about the moon, all because of our scientists. It looks very beautiful but its past is equally mysterious. Let me know
Have you ever wondered how our moon would have formed? Was it always a part of the earth?
If you don’t know the answers of these questions then today you can learn many things from this topic.

As you know, our sun is a star. If you want to know how stars born or sun formation, then you can read my previous blogs.


As the gravitational force of the sun was high, many asteroids and other space objects start revolving around the sun. And in the same way, gradually due to gravity, our planets also came into existence. But the question is, how did our moon form? Did the moon come from somewhere else or is it part of our earth?

To know this, our scientist needed some samples of the surface of moon. When the samples of the lunar surface brought by Astronauts in 1970 were compared to the samples of the Earth’s surface, a very shocking thing was revealed. Scientists discovered that those samples of the moon and the Earth were similar. Now after that we came to know that the moon and the earth were not separate places, but they were always one.

When our Earth was formed, a body as large as Mars planet collided with our Earth and the moon was born from the material that came out of this terrible collision. That material caused by the collision started to gather at one place and that is our moon. The object that hit our earth, scientists gave him the name “Theia”.
After hitting that body, a lot of energy and material came out, due to which a ring like Saturn was formed around the planet and all that energy and material started to gather in one place. After that it took about 1 year for our moon to be formed. Scientists called this explanation of moon formation as “Giant Impact Hypothesis”.
But many things related to the moon are still mysterious. Whenever we look at the moon in the night sky, many stains are also seen in the moon.

What’s the reason behind this?

Because of the collision of many astroids, where the surface of the moon was thin, the lava came out and due to the cooling of the lava, it started to appear darker. Scientists had guessed that the part of the moon which is not visible to us will also have similar lava stains. When pictures of that part of the moon were taken, a very shocking thing came to light. When that part of the moon was photographed, a very large number of craters were seen instead of lava stains. But why was it so? The scientist had come to the conclusion that the lunar surface of this part(craters) might have been thicker than that one(lava stains). The lava did not come out due to the thickness of the surface of that part of the moon and there are just craters that were made by the collision of astroids. It is understood from this that both sides of the moon are different.

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