How lightening is formed? We have seen many such things in our life, we do not know the exact reason behind it. One of them is lightening. We have heard and seen the lightening fall since childhood, but have you ever wonder what’s the reason behind this? Why are we not allowed to go out at that time? And why does lightening cause a sound?
Now, Let’s start one by one

Before this, we have to know about the static electricity first.

What is static electricity?

Static electricity is produced by rubbing two things. You must have done this experiment in childhood when we rub the balloon with our head or any part of the body and take it close to the pieces of a paper, then that balloon attracts those pieces like magnets. The science behind this process was static electricity. In this, when we rub the balloon with our body or clothes, electrons or negtive charges come to the balloon from our body or clothes. And this attracts the positive charges of the pieces of paper that are neutral, so in this way the balloon sticks the pieces of paper over it like magnets.

Now let’s talk about the lightening in the clouds and howling their voices.
You must have known that when water evaporates and goes up, then it cools down due to which clouds are formed. These clouds are so cold in the sky that they take the form of snow. These pieces of ice keep colliding with each other, due to which a negative charge is created in the clouds, downwards in the clouds and because of the positive charge being light, they move up in the clouds. Now inside the clouds, this charges separates. As I told you, in static electricity, a static negative charge is created on an object. In the same way, static negative charges are created in clouds.

Now let me tell you that there are three types of lightening.

1. Intra cloud lightening

That is, the lightening in the middle of a cloud. When in the middle of a cloud, the positive charge and the heavy negative charge come near, a lightening creates, But there is no sound in this process.

2. Cloud to cloud lightening

That is, the lightening between two clouds. In this, when a negative charge of one cloud comes near the positive charge of another cloud, then lightening is created. It may or may not be visible to a person standing on the ground.

3. Cloud to ground lightening

That is, the creation of Lightening between the cloud and the ground. The lower part of the cloud which is filled with negative charge attracts positive charge on the ground and creates a lightening. Mostly, it occurs on trees or open ground. So during the rains we are forbidden to go under the tree or in the open field. The electricity that falls on the ground is heated to at least 27000℃.

Why does lightening cause a sound?

When lightning flashes, then there is a lot of sound creates in it because it makes the surrounding air very hot. Actually, electricity takes very less time to move from point A to point B ( even less than a 1 sec) so it takes time for the surrounding air to expand. But it makes the surrounding air very hot. When the wind expands all around, then we hear the sound of very big blast and this is also what we call a thunderclap.

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