Whenever we look at the sky at night, what appears first?
I know your answer will be Moon.
But have you ever wonder that Why does the moon shines so much? Why is it so important? And if the moon does not exist, what will be its effect on the earth?

Let’s explore one by one,


Whenever I looked at the moon, this question used to come again and again, how did it form?
Do you know that the more beautiful the moon looks, the more mysterious is its past?
And it is really a matter of wondering how our moon was formed? Was it ever a part of our earth?

Moon is the only natural satellite of earth and It is 384,400 kilometers away from our earth.

4.5 billion years ago from today, some millions of years passed when the earth was formed. The earth was not solid at that time, nor was there life in earth then an object of the size of mars planet collide with the earth & because the earth was not solid at that time, a lot of lava, dust, and light spread into the space. Due to gravity, that pieces, lava, dust gathered together over time and start orbiting the earth and thus our moon was formed.


In simple words, moon rotates around the earth and reflects light from the sun.

The moon shine so much because it reflects light from the sun even sometime it looks more brighter but you know that moon’s surface reflects only 3 and 12 percent of light that hits it.
Moon doesn’t produce its own light as we know and we can only see one face of the moon because of synchronous rotation. The moon complete its rotation around the earth in every 27.322 days(approximately 27 days).


There is a strong relationship between the earth and the moon. Without moon, we can not live.
Lets discuss some points here

1. When the moon was born, it slowed down earth’s rotation and if the moon does not slow down the movement of the earth then one day on earth would be around 6 hours ( means 3 hours of night and 3 hours of day ) so due to such fast rotation, earth can not absorb sunlight and the temperature on the earth always stays in minus due to which H2O never take the form of water (means if there was life on earth, then only in the form of microorganisms).
Let’s assume that if the earth were also hot even then the winds on the earth rotating at such a high speed of 160km/h to 200km/h. This speed is that of a hurricane on earth but imagine if the winds were moving at this speed all the time , so how difficult it would be for creatures to flourish.
But how did the moon reduce the speed of the earth’s rotation?
Take it in the same way that if you are asked to stand in one place, you will be able to move faster but if an object is caught at a distance in your hand, then your speed will decrease.

2. The second grace of the moon is that it keeps the earth stable.
If earth and moon were not tied to each other’s gravity, the earth’s axis would have changed at any time and then the result is that there is no time to change the weather on earth. Sometimes poles suddenly turned to the sun and all the snow melted and all the land started sinking and sometimes it kept raining for years or it kept dry for years. So in this situation everything will be impossible. It would have been very difficult to live in such a situation.

3. When the moon was formed, it was close to the earth may be 3 times closer than today. It’s gravitational effect was so much that the tides used to lift very high in the sea.
Today you can imagine living without the moon, but if the moon had not been there, you would not have imagined it.
The moon also has a huge contribution in running the food chain because small creatures come out to find food in the light of the moon.

So what if moon suddenly disappeared?

If this happens then all the creatures of the earth will be in trouble and conditions on earth will suddenly change. Axis of earth will not be stable. The temperature will also change and this is why so many species will disappear.

So we can not live without the moon and it plays a very important role in our life.

Facts About The Moon

1. Only Satellite of the earth

2. Second descent satellite(The first one is Jupiter’s satellite lo).

3. We can see only one side of the moon.

4. Only 12 people have ever walked on the surface of the moon.

5. Fifth largest natural satellite

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