Interesting Facts About Venus Planet

Do you know what I am going to discuss with you today?
As we know that recently NASA has given us some important information about Venus.
So let’s start with today’s topic.

Interesting Facts About Venus:

• As we know, Venus is the second planet of our solar system and also the closest planet to the Earth
Distance from the Sun- 108.2 million km
Orbital period- 225 Earth days
Surface area- 460.2 million km²
Radius- 6,051.8 km
Gravity- 8.87 m/s²
Average density – 5.24 G/CM^3

• Venus does not have any natural satellite and no rings but many Trojan Asteroids .
( Trojan asteroids are the cosmic bodies which share orbit with planets or large moons )

• Venus is the third smallest planet of our solar system after Mercury and Mars.

• One day of Venus = 243 earth days

• Year on Venus = 225 earth days
( day > year)

• Venus and Uranus both rotates from east to west .

Note – On Venus the sun rises in the west .

• As we know mercury is the first planet in our solar system and yes closest planet to the sun but still it is not the hottest planet.
Venus is the hottest planet of our solar system because planet mercury has no atmosphere.

• Atmosphere – 96% Carbon dioxide
Maximum temperature – 472°C

• Biggest volcano – Maat Mons
Diameter – 395 km

• 1961 – venera1 was the first spacecraft sent towards Venus.

• You can see this planet with your naked eye (in the morning before sun rise and in the evening after sunset) .

• Venus is the brightest planet of our solar system and Jupiter is the second brightest planet .

What if I asked you that ” Is there life on Venus ? “
Yes , discovery of phosphine gas in the atmosphere of Venus .

Scientists have discovered large amount of phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus .

Phosphine is a toxic gas which is made up of one phosphorus and three hydrogen atoms – PH₃ and it was discovered in the middle layer of the Venus atmosphere.
On Earth, it is produced by microbial life.

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