Laika | The Space Dog

We all know that Yuri Gagarin was the first person to go into space. But do you know that who was the first living creature to go into space?

For the first time in the history of mankind, a living creature made its way into space. No one had seen life outside the Earth’s atmosphere, till that time no human had gone to space and Laika was chosen for this work. In space, Laika’s body was light and her heart was beating slowly. She was sent into space only to never return to his home.

The first to go to space, Laika was not a human, but she was a female dog living in the streets. On 3 November 1957, Russia launched laika in a rocket, she didn’t even know what mission he was part of? For Laika, this mission was nothing less than a suicide mission, because there is no way to bring this rocket back to earth.

After launching, Everything was going well for the first few hours, but then the rocket’s cooling system started having some problems and the rocket caught fire. Due to which the temperature of the rocket started increasing and Laika started suffering in the heat But there was no one to help her. She struggled with her life for some time. But due to high temperature, she lost the battle of life. For about 5 months, that space vehicle kept moving in space. After 5 months that rocket came back to Earth’s orbit but he was completely burnt before coming to earth.

In the memory of laika the Russian government built the statue of Laika. Today we can easily send humans to space, but for this many animals have sacrificed their lives.

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