Mercury and its facts | First Planet in Our Solar System

Okay, tell me the smallest planet and the first planet(Mercury and its Facts) of our solar system?

I know that Many people already knows the answer which is Mercury.

OK now Come on, today we will try to understand some good facts about “Mercury”.

Facts(Mercury and its Facts):

Mercury and its facts

🚀 Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system , diameter – 4,879 kilometres
mass – 3.30 x 10^23 kg (5.5% of earth)

🚀 Does mercury have any moon ?
-No , mercury has no moon and no rings.

🚀 Is mercury the hottest planet ?

  • No , mercury is the second Hottest planet of our solar system.

🚀 How many spacecraft have visited Mercury till date ?

  • Two . Mariner 10 and Messenger

🚀 Do you know that you can see Mercury with your naked eyes?
We can see Mercury(Mercury and its facts) with our naked eyes in the morning before sun rise and in the evening after sunset and it shines like a star.

🚀 Until 1960, it was believed that Mercury and Sun were both Tightly locked Which means that a one phase of a Mercury is always towards the Sun.
But this was proved wrong in 1965 because Mercury rotates 3 times on its own axis in 2 years .

🚀 distance from the sun – 5 cr. 76 lakh kilometres.

🚀 In our solar system, it is the most densest planet after Earth.

🚀 There are so many craters on Mercury like our moon . Caloris basin crater is the biggest crater of mercury (radius – 1550 kilometers).

🚀 Temperature of the surface of mercury is very unusual (440°C during daytime and -170°C during night )

🚀 One year on Mercury – only 88 days .
Mercury revolves around the Sun much faster than other planets. (speed of mercury around the sun – 1,80,000 kilometers per hour) .

🚀 One day on Mercury – 59 Earth days.

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