An ice giant | URANUS |

” URANUS “How much do you know this planet? Can we survive on this planet? Why is this planet so cold? There are so many questions about which we will learn today(An ice giant | URANUS |).So let’s start •Who discovered this planet ‘ Uranus ‘?In 1781, William Herschel was the first person who discovered … Read more

Facts you should know about the Earth

Facts you should know about the Earth

How much do you know about your Home ‘Earth’?Some people even say that they know everything about planet Earth.But there are some points we should know about.So let’s start today’s new topic(Facts you should know about the Earth). Facts you should know about the Earth •Distance from the sun – 150.14 million km•Gravity – 9.807 … Read more

Interesting Facts About Venus Planet

Do you know what I am going to discuss with you today?As we know that recently NASA has given us some important information about Venus.So let’s start with today’s topic. Interesting Facts About Venus: • As we know, Venus is the second planet of our solar system and also the closest planet to the EarthDistance … Read more