Some interesting facts about “SATURN” | SATURN FACTS

Every planet in our solar system has its own beauty(Some interesting facts about “SATURN”). But if we talk about the planet Saturn, then it is very attractive to see.
But do you know that it looks as beautiful as it is full of mystery?
There are so many facts about Saturn which you should learn about.

• Huge planet .Saturn is the second largest planet of our soalr system and fifth planet from the sun .

•Distance from the sun: 1.434 billion km
•Speed around the sun:
•Mass: 5.683 × 10^26 kg
•Diameter : 116,460 km
•Radius : 58,232 km
•Gravity : 10.44 m/s²
•Atmosphere: hydrogen (96%)
helium (3%)
other substances like methane,
ammonia, acetylene, ethane,
propane and phosphine(1%)
•One day on saturn: 10h 42m
•On a year on saturn: 29 years
•Surface Temperature: -139 °C
•Surface area: 42.7 billion km²
•Natural satellites: Saturn has 82 moons

•In 1610 , Galileo Galilei was the first person to observe Saturn with a telescope(Some interesting facts about “SATURN”).

• Saturn is definitely not like our Earth and we can not stand on Saturn because it is made up of gases (mostly) and it has a lot of helium.

• Saturn’s ring are made up of ice , rock and dust. ( means rings are not solid )

• Other planets also have rings but We can only see Saturn’s rings from the earth.

• Saturn spins very fast on its axis , means a day on saturn is 10 hour 42 minutes.

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