What is a satellites ? | Explain

You must have heard about satellites, but do you know how satellites work? There are many questions related to a satellite that comes to our mind like how they work and how satellite stay in the air?
We do many things in our daily life that depend on satellites, such as watching TV or using GPS on the phone, etc.

What is a satellite?

Any small object that revolves around an object much larger than itself. Similarly, the Moon revolving around our Earth is also a satellite. But it is a natural satellite that does not run according to humans, and taking inspiration from this, humans made their own satellite and left it in the orbit of the earth. Man-made satellites can range in size from a small TV to a large truck, actually, their sizes depend on their work. There are solar panels on both sides of a satellite so that they continue to get energy. Also, There are transmitters and receivers in the middle of the satellite which are engaged to send or receive signals. Apart from that the satellite also has some motors so that we can also control them, If we want to change the position of the satellite or change the angle, then we can do this through the control motor.

But this question will also come to your mind that how do satellites keep flying in the air and why don’t satellites fall down on Earth?

So If something has to stay in space, then it has to revolve around an object larger than itself at a constant speed and their speed does not allow the gravitational force of the earth to dominate.

Satellites are divided into three categories:-

1. Low earth orbit satellite
These satellites are very close to the Earth’s orbit. Their altitude ranges from 160 to 1600 km. They revolve around the Earth at a very fast speed. Therefore, they complete the rotation of the Earth several times a day. So, they takes a very short time to scan the earth. They are mostly used for images and for scanning.

2. Medium earth orbit satellite
These are satellites that do not orbit very fast or very slow. They complete one round of the Earth in about 12 hours. Their altitude ranges from about 10,000 km to 20,000 km. They are used for navigation.

3. High earth orbit satellite
These are satellites that are at a height of 36,000 km far away from the earth. These satellites revolve around the earth at the speed of the earth. The satellite is used for communication.

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