What is International Space Station | ISS

You must have thought that people who go to space, how do they eat food and where do they live? Many such questions come to our mind that how do they spend their whole day and how do they come back to earth from there?
Today we will learn about how astronauts survive in the outer space and we will also learn some interesting things about the International Space Station today.

International Space Station (ISS) also called the Orbital Station. It has been made for humans to live in and it has all the facilities for human beings. But do you know that the International Space Station was not built by any one country? Many countries have contributed in building the International Space Station ( United State , Russia , ESA , Canada and Japan ) and the history behind this organization is quite interesting.

In 1984, a project was announced by US whose name was Freedom. But after some time US government stopped funding it and then the work on this project stopped. But after that when NASA teamed up with other countries in 1993, this project was reworked and named it the international space station, and after about 10 years its work was completed.

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