What is Kuiper Belt?

As you all know that there is one sun and eight planets in our solar system. But have you ever wondered what space is like after the eighth planet and what kind of universe is there?
Today we will talk about what is next to the eighth planet in our solar system?

Our solar system consists of one sun, eight planets and an asteroid belt that lies between Mars and Jupiter. But would you believe if I say that our solar system has a mass of rocks 200 times more massive than the asteroid belt?
In the middle of our solar system is our sun, after that there is mercury, venus, earth, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus and neptune. Although Pluto also comes after Neptune, but after 2006 it is not considered as a planet. When we go beyond Pluto, we find a very large group of stones which is like a asteroid belt, but much bigger than that and we call it kuiper belt.

After the major planets of the solar system, a place is found where small ice rock and many dwarf planets are present, which revolve around the sun like other planets and asteroids. It is much bigger than Asteroid Belt. It is 20 times wider than a asteroid belt.

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