Why Mars is the most habitable planet after Earth?

As we all know that people are very excited to know about Mars. Our scientists are looking for life on Mars and in many things, planet Mars is like our Earth(Why Mars is the most habitable planet after Earth?).
And if we are able to live on Mars in future, then it will prove to be a huge achievement for humans.
So let’s start and learn some interesting things today, which shows that there is a possibility of life on Mars.

Why Mars is the most habitable planet in our solar System After Earth?

•Distance from the sun : 211.54 million km

•Distance from the planet earth : 63.556 million km

•Surface area : 144.8 million km²

•Radius : 3,389.5 km

•Diameter : 6,779 km

•Gravity of mars : 3.711 m/s²
Gravity of earth : 2.66 times that of Mars

•Density of Mars : 3.93 g/cm³

•Volume of Mars : 1.6 x 1011 cubic kilometers.

•Age of planet Mars : 4.603 billion years

•Temperature on Mars : Average -81 degrees F
Temperature on earth : Average 57 degrees F

•Natural satellite : Mars has 2 natural satellites – Phobos and Deimos

•Your weight on Mars :
Weight on Mars= (Weight on Earth/9.81m/s2) * 3.711m/s2

•One day on Mars : 24 hours 37 minutes
One day on earth : 23 hours 56 minutes
•One year on Mars : 687 earth days

•Atmosphere :
Average surface pressure: 610 Pa (0.088 psi)
Oxygen: 0.174 %
Carbon dioxide: 95.32%
Carbon monoxide: 0.0747%
Water vapor: 0.03% (variable)
Nitrogen: 2.6%
Argon: 1.9%

•Average speed around the sun : 24.077 km/s (53,853 miles per hour)

•Size : Mars is smaller than earth . You can fit approx 7 Mars inside the Earth .

• it’s soil contain water so we can extract from it.
• this planet is not too hot or not too cold.
• Enough sunlight
• Tallest mountain of our solar system – Olympus Mons (on mars), more than 21 km.

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